Zubair Naseem and Ali Tariq, both true Lahorites, became friends at LUMS. They both embarked on a fruitful but utterly joyless banking career. They have 20 plus years of experience working as glorified clerks at multinational banks across Pakistan, Dubai and New York.

As they grew greyer and wiser, they realized the error of their ways and decided to earn an honest living and become entrepreneurs.

The partners recognised that the domestic help market was undergoing a significant transformation. The need of the hour was reliability and convenience. Meanwhile, a demographically led growth spurt in the part-time help market was creating a supply/demand gap.

The result was the founders partnering with COTHM (College of Tourism and Hospitality Management) and rolling out a specially designed curriculum to train, cooks, hospitality and housekeeping staff, child care nannies and elderly care personnel.

The first batch, after going through extensive background checks, medical screening and professional training went to work and earn in April 2019.

In addition to LUMS, Ali also graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science and Zubair from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

They are truly happy and content with their choice.


We are the first company in Lahore to provide on demand services that households require on a daily basis. We provide a web platform where you can book cooks, maids (cleaning, washing, ironing, dusting etc), elderly care professionals and child-care nannies at the touch of a button. Our stars are medically screened, background checked and trained by our partners at the college of tourism and hospitality management (COTHM).


To provide the underprivileged communities with a chance to acquire skills and give them an employment platform which empowers them to earn a living and improve their family’s overall well being.

To provide our customers with a reliable, energetic and skilled workforce that efficiently and diligently gets any domestic household chore done.


We at Umbrella are proud of our stars. Their transformation from willing individuals with aspirations to a skilled and empowered workforce, is heartening.

We exist because of our stars. We provide free medical checks, training and development, free transport, paying jobs, protection from any maltreatment and health insurance for them and their families.