Why do we need to disinfect our regularly cleaned house?

Disinfection and cleaning are two different processes. Even a thoroughly cleaned house may have unseen bacteria or virus which may cause infections. Corona Virus or COVID ’19 is one of the recent examples.

What chemicals does umbrella use for disinfection against COVID '19?

Umbrella uses CDC/WHO recommended chlorine dioxide for disinfection regarding COVID ’19.

Is Chlorine Dioxide hazardous to humans?

Chlorine dioxide is a human friendly chemical with no known allegries. It is completely odorless and does not irritate the eyes.

How long does the house need to be closed after the disinfection process?

You can move in immediately after the disinfection process. No wait is required.

What techniques does umbrella use to disinfect a house?

Fully trained umbrella staff conducts two processes. All the hard non-porous surfaces such as floors, walls, stairs, counter tops are sprayed with 250 mg/L
Chlorine dioxide solution
using a knapsack sprayer. Then every room or enclosed space is sprayed and fogged using triject fogging machines. This ensures a complete 360° disinfection as per international standards.

What is the difference between disinfection and fumigation?

Disinfection targets bacteria & virus i.e. small invisible organisms while fumigation is targeted towards crawling or flying insects such as mosquitoes, ants, flies, wasps, cockroaches etc.

What chemicals are used for fumigation?

Umbrella uses a variety of chemicals these include:
Alphafermeturin 10% SC
Alphacypermethrin 10% SC
Permmethrin 2.5% EC
Lambda 15% WP
Deltamethrin 1.5% EC

Are these fumigation chemicals hazardous?

Unlike disinfection chemicals, fumigation chemicals are extremely hazardous and special care needs to be taken while applying them and afterwards.

What are the Umbrella team members called?

We call all our team members, Umbrella Stars.

Why should I choose Umbrella over permanent house-help?

We believe productive staff reduces the work down time, is cost effective and always available. Here at Umbrella, we hire, medically screen, methodically back-ground check and train our staff so you can get the best quality and efficiency. We train our staff to ensure your job is completed swiftly and diligently.

What are some of the Services Umbrella Provides?

Umbrella provides part and full time, domestic services, catering to your everyday requirements. We offer Cooks, Maids (cleaning, ironing, laundry etc.), Drivers, Male helpers/cleaners and office boys. Moreover, we also offer top notch Disinfection and Fumigation services.  However, we will soon be also offering Specialty Chefs, housekeepers,  Elderly care attendants, Child care nannies and gardeners services.

How does a full-day booking differ from Umbrella’s hourly services?

Depending on how much help you need, you can opt to hire, single or multiple stars for the whole day or you can hire them for a shorter window (minimum 3 hours). Call us for monthly or weekly quotes. For full days monthly services,  you can also get the same star each day.

Service Hourly rate
Cooks Rs. 300/hour
Maids Rs. 300/hour
Child Care Rs. 300/hour
Elderly care Rs. 400/hour
Monthly Rate Half Day    (5 hr/day & 6 days/week) PKR 18,000/month
Monthly Rate Full Day  (10 hr/day & 6 days/week) PKR 25,000/month


Do you charge extra for transport?

Umbrella does not charge extra for transport, the charges are included in our hourly rates. However, a surcharge is applied in case of rain amounting to Rs. 300 in order to ensure the safety of our stars as well as their efficient and on time transportation.

Where do hire your stars from?

We hire our stars from all across Lahore.

What measures do you take in order to ensure quality?

The Umbrella stars are trained by our partners, College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) and are taught by industry experts inculcating best methods and practices  to provide swift, thorough and efficient results.

Do the stars bring ingredients or cleaning material?

Whenever you request a star (cooks, maids or care staff), we request you to have your ingredients and cleaning products stocked at home. The umbrella stars do not bring ingredients or cleaning material / products with them.

Can I check your stars CNIC?

Due to Umbrella’s privacy policy, we do not share our team-member’s background check details, including their CNIC with our customers. However, each team member has a company identity card detailing their name, photograph and CNIC number. You are welcome to check that upon arrival.  In special cases the customers can always visit and a detailed background check will be done for them.

How many breaks do your stars need?

We request you to give the Umbrella stars a 15 minute break after every 2 hours of work. We want you to experience the best of what our stars have to offer.

Can I tip the Umbrella team-member working for me?

Tips are not required, however, you may choose to tip our stars if you so wish. That is a choice we leave to our customers.

Can I choose between a male or female star?

Umbrella has both male and female stars and you have the option to choose.

Can or will I always get the same star every time?

Our stars are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, hence, depending upon availability you may or may not get the same star. However, for full days monthly services the customer will be able to get the same star everyday.

How do I pay for Umbrella’s services?

For now, you can just pay our stars once the job is completed for short jobs and upfront advance for weekly or monthly bookings in our account. Other payment methods will be rolled our as they are added.

Where do I register my complaints?

In case of any complaints or feedback, feel free to call us at our helpline 0321-999 5010 or email us at contact@umbrellaonline.pk.

How do I book your services?

In order to hire our stars, please make a booking through our website or call us on 0321 999 5010.

Can I hire your stars on a permanent basis?

Umbrella offers both part time and full-time services. The customer may make monthly, weekly or repeat bookings through our website or by calling us on 0321 999 5010.

Do you provide Umbrella services in my area?

Umbrella is operational all across Lahore for now.

Do I have to provide transport for the Umbrella stars?

Umbrella ensures reliable transport through our partner, Careem. Hence, you need not worry about ensuring transport services to our stars unless you live in a gated community where our transport partners are not allowed to enter.

What is a weather charge?

Regular transportation costs are included in our hourly fee. However, in case of rain, we charge a nominal one-time fee of Rs. 300 in order to ensure the safety and efficient transport of our stars.

How are your stars verified?

All Umbrella stars are verified  by our partners, CheckExpert. They are cross-checked against various government databases (criminal, records, absconder list, FIR list, NADRA etc) and then go through a physical on ground check that includes, photographs, fingerprinting, ID card checks and GPS co-ordinates of the house. All our star details are extensively checked and documented to ensure maximum possible security.

However, we still request our clients to keep their cash and valuables tucked away safely while getting the work done.

How good are Umbrella’s cooks?

Umbrella’s cooking stars are trained by our partners at COTHM and hence can make all Pakistani dishes.

Do I need to hire separate stars for different tasks?

For cooks, elderly care and drivers (service to be launched shortly), yes. However, all other Umbrella stars are trained to provide all our listed services, you do not need to hire more than one team-member at a time in order to perform multiple tasks (child care, cleaning, ironing, washing, drying etc.) as long as they fall within the duration of your booked hours.

How do I know the stars claiming to be an Umbrella star is really a member of your team?

All Umbrella stars are extensibly background checked and are provided a company-issued ID card enlisting their name, photo ID as well as their CNIC number. They are also issued an apron with the company logo.

What if I’m not satisfied with your stars work?

At Umbrella, we welcome all constructive feedback. Based on your evaluation of our stars, we work with them to ensure better services next time. In case you have any suggestions please email us at contact@umbrellaonline.com.

What if I suffer a loss or damage?

We request our customers to keep their cash and valuables locked up prior to our star’s arrival. While we do our utmost to ensure extensive background (physical and database) checks, Umbrella is not liable for any loss or damages incurred.

Will you charge me if I cancel my booking?

Should you choose to cancel your Umbrella booking, you may be charged a cancellation fee. In case you cancel your booking 3 hours before the booked time, you will not be charged. If you cancel a booking less than 3 hours before or if you are not at home when our star arrives you will be charged a fee of Rs. 300 in cancellation charges.

What is Umbrella’s refund policy?

In case a customer pays in advance and our star does not arrive, Umbrella will make a full refund to the customer or you could use it for another booking.